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Fogazzo has been the pioneers of fire-wood oven maker in the USA since 1978 basing their patented oven design which carefully reconstruct ancient Roman engineering who perfected the art and science of wood fire ovens at the height of the Roman Empire 100 b.c. to 300 ad.   By employing modern methods of casting, and through the use of better materials,Fogazzo is able to create ovens which have all the desired attributes of the ancient wood fired oven designs, without many of the pitfalls which burdened its predecessors.  Fogazzo Ovens are 100% made in USA and has been featured in many national TV shows and magazines including HGTV, Outdoor Kitchens Magazine.


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About President of Fogazzo - Sergio M. de Paula

Sergio M. de Paula Sergio

With over a decade of wood fired oven design, and nearly forty years of pizza making experience Sergio’s uncompromising pursuit of perfection has taken him to some of the best pizza markets in the world, like Naples, New York, and São Paulo.
Sergio’s passion for great pizza began nearly four decades ago when, at a very young age, he began acquiring his knowledge on the subject. Initially trained as a traditional bread baker in his family’s bakery, he later as a pizzaiolo. That experience, combined with his Italian heritage, led him on a lifelong quest to elevate pizza to its highest form, from a simple staple for the masses, to a culinary masterpiece.


He completed well over two million square feet of commercial real estate construction during his tenure as a Project Manager for a Forturne 500 company, before launching the US branch, of Fogazzo, in 2002

He is a regular contributing writer and photographer for books, newspapers, magazines, and TV programs, where he has given interviews for several home improvement shows including HGTV.

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Barbecues & Outdoor Kitchens: Fresh Design for Patio Living, Complete Guide to Construction, Simple Grills and Gourmet KitchensSunset's Book Sunset barbecues & outdoor kitchens
Fogazzo President Sergio de Paula was the technical consultant and a contributing photographer for this book. The book features several projects that highlight Fogazzo wood fire oven and BBQ kits.
Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: Oxmoor House 
Publication Date: January 1, 2006

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