L'Art du Jardin

L'Art du Jardin has been in business over 5 years, selling outdoor living products throughout Europe. They’ve sold all major hypermarket, supermarket and home improvement chains in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. Products include outdoor wood-fired ovens and grills, garden table and chair sets, umbrellas and furniture. Among their customers are well known European retailers Carrefour, Cora, Leroy Merlin, Leclerc, Super U (Systeme’ U), Bricomarché and Auchan.


Hearth & Home Magazine (December 2013)
Featured in Hearth & Home Magazine


More About L'Art du Jardin's Wood-Fired Outdoor Ovens

L'Art du Jardin's Wood-Fired Outdoor Ovens are inspired by the Alsace region of northeastern France, a multi-cultural area known as the crossroads of Europe and culinary cuisine. In this "magnifique" French region bordering Germany and Switzerland, and just a short distance to Italy, diverse culinary cooking in outdoor wood-fired ovens is a centuries old tradition.

Alsace is a picturesque corner of France with the legendary Rhine River to the east and majestic Vosges Mountains to the west. There are vast vineyards and quaint villages in the valleys, and high slopes dotted with centuries old monasteries and majestic castles. In this lush landscape known for its cuisine, beer and wine, the people are known as Alsatians. Alsatians represent a unique blend of dual Franco-Germanic cultures, with a little Italian mixed in as well. Here cooking a melding pot of French, German and Italian cuisine in old world wood-fired ovens has always been a way of life.

Steeped in this history and tradition, L'Art du Jardin ovens are designed to enable the backyard chef to cook restaurant quality meals from German sausages and roasts, Italian pizza and calzones, to French pastries and the world famous Alsatian Tarte Flambee. Firing with hardwood, L'Art du Jardin ovens provide today's chef with the perfect oven to prepare countless delectable dishes inspired by generations of multi-cultures.

All L'Art du Jardin ovens are constructed of heavy duty 3 mm thick steel and utilize double wall construction for healthier, more fuel efficient cooking. The inside of the ovens are lined in 1/8" stainless steel, which provides superb high temperature properties. L'Art du Jardin ovens provide the same cooking environment as a masonry oven. The heat flows from the firebox through the space between the walls and up the chimney, creating a 360 degree radiant cooking environment. By design, 95% of the heat and smoke circulate between the walls, leaving just enough smoke to lightly flavor the food without overpowering it, as experienced with many single wall ovens.

Trademarks of L'Art du Jardin outdoor wood-fired ovens are unmatched quality, unique double-wall oven construction and 10 year warranty. All models are easy to assemble, and come with heavy duty wheels for convenient portability. L'Art du Jardin ovens are ideal for the discriminating chef looking to achieve authentic restaurant quality cooking only a hot wood-fired oven can deliver.

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