About Smoke-N-Hot

Smoke-N-Hot Grills

At Smoke-N-Hot, we love cooking on pellet grills. There's just nothing like the tender, juicy, flavorful meat that comes cooking with natural wood pellets.

But we were frustrated with the grills we owned. We couldn't get them above a certain temperature... on really cold days they barely worked at all — and we were never really sure what the real temperature was. And clean up? Way too messy!

We Had Our Sights on Change

So we set out to change all that. We wanted to build a grill we'd be proud to have in our own backyards.

That's why we have simple, easy to use push button digital controls. Now we can set our desired cooking temperature, kick back and know our meal will come out perfect every time. We even made our LED control lights in blue for easy reading... even in bright daylight.

We made sure we could go to a low smoke temperature so we could make perfect ribs, roasts and briskets. We added high temperatures so we could sear in the juices when cooking steaks or other meats.

We also included a built in meat probe to eliminate the guesswork of when something was done.

We added side shelves as a standard feature so we had plenty of work space while grilling.

We wanted to make sure our grill would stand the test of time, so we made our hood, cooking surfaces and burn pot with porcelain enamel... both for durability and easy clean up.

Lastly, we were tired of messy clean ups, so we came up with an easily removable burn pot for super-fast clean up — with no mess!  And we have two easily accessible grease trays for added convenience.

One day we looked up and said, This is great! Now, let's really flex our imagination muscle and do something unique. We came up with our Outdoor Cooking Center. With it we say, welcome to the world of BBQ grilling and smoking with the technologically superior, Smoke-N-Hot Outdoor Cooking Center. It's a wood fired, electronically controlled, convection cooking center that delivers the tastiest meats, fish, poultry, vegetables — in fact, anything you want to cook, bake, smoke, or sear, you can do it right here!

We're Proud of Our Grills

We're completely dedicated to building the best cooking machines on the planet. We're proud to have our grills in our own back yards, and we hope you'll be proud to have one in your back yard too.


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