L'Art du Jardin Napoli Wood-Fired Outdoor Oven LVPV1 Specifications

L'Art du Napoli Wood-fired Outdoor Oven LVPV1 Specifications

Brand: L'Art du Jardin
UPC#: 898784002378

Product Documentation

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List of the Included Items:

1 Chimney
1 Oven chamber
1 Oven door
1 Fire grate
1 Fire place door
1 Vent knob
1 Oven door thermometer
1 Wood storage shelf
1 Ash collection tray
2 Locking heavy duty wheels
2 Non-locking heavy duty wheels
1 Owner's manual

 L'Art du Jardin Napli Oven Body

Limited Time Bonus Tools

1 Aluminum pizza peel
1 Vinyl heavy duty black polyester cover

Usage Characteristics

Oven Chamber: 14”W x 15”D x 5”H
Main Oven Body: 19"W x 18"D x 53"H
Cooking Stone: 15"W x 15"D 1.6"H
82" to top of chimney
Pizzas at One Time: one 12” pizza
Loaves of Bread at One Time: One 10” x 14” bread pans 
Configuration: Freestanding
Fuel Type: Wood or Lump Charcoal
Made in: France
Material: Stainless Steel

Oven Dimensions

Width: 19"
Height (not including chimney): 53"
Total Height (including chimney): 82”
Oven Weight: 135 lbs

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